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It is so easy to make the wrong call when our little ones are upset because one can't think straight... This course has helped me lots, to avoid silly mistakes by just having clear (science based) advices. I am immensely grateful!
Absolutely loved the course as it's enabled me to better understand how babies and toddlers brains develop and improve my parenting skills.
As a first time mom, I had a lot of questions about what to do and not to do with my daughter. With so much information on the Internet, it can be overwhelming. I did a group session with a couple of friends. Silvia presented a lot of interesting information, supported by scientific studies, of babies brain development, including sleeping, attachment, and bilingualism. In today's world we expect babies to sleep through the night and be automatically independent. It was reassuring to hear that it is not always the case, and that it ...
Bri Axon
I loved this course so much, it is my definite favourite baby and mummy course outhere (we definetly are not on shortage around here). It's not only enjoyable, but packed with loads of relevant information and tips. Although some of the messages are hard to hear and some of the times it highlights that the shortcuts that we can take in upbringing our kids have their on price, Silvia has always come across as supportive and genuine. I would recommend this course to all new mums!
Oana Neumayer
At first, I was skeptical about the course. After all, there are so many courses/books out there which over claim and under deliver. However, Silvia has managed to put together a robust programme which tackle highly topical issues backed by science; and she delivers it in a fun and engaging way! BabyBrains is a must for anyone who wants to make informed parental choices based on neuroscience and behavioural psychology.
I really enjoyed the course topics and Silvia touched on many aspects of our lives with our little ones providing a scientific approach to their behaviours. it provides a lot of clarity in understanding behaviours and developmental phases our babies might be going through. Highly recommended, you must try it, it's a life safer!
Parmjit Dhillon
The amount of information available to new parents can be overwhelming,  confusing and contradictory. Everyone seems to have an opinion on parenting and it's so easy to get swept along with what others think is best for your baby. What Silvia does is so refreshing, she tells you the facts based on science, which I believe is so important. She explains what impact certain baby raising techniques will have on your baby in the long run. We all want out children to grow up being happy and secure individuals, so the advice given in Silvia's classes is invaluable. I would ...
I took part in group sessions run by Dr Sylvia and loved every minute of it! Massive thank you to this amazing woman, who decided to share her vast knowledge with all of us, very often confused and doubtful about our parenting skills, mums. So often we end up with too many informations and consequently we loose the ability to really trust ourselves but equipped with the knowledge of how the babies brain work, we can relax and observe our little ones and connect with them better. Please, do not stop on your journey to educate parents. We are ...
Silvia classes are very informative and eye opening helping you to understand how your child is developing mentally and emotionally and how to best nurture them at such a crucial point in there lives. I also found Silvia to be extremely supportive and very responsive to any questions you may have when you're not quite sure what to do she gives you the guidance and reassurance to keep you on the right track without judgement.
Imagine you as a mum would have a friend with professional baby knowledge on your side for all those moments when you are wondering "should I do that?". Silvia will have an answer to all your questions and concerns without judging you. The sessions are informative, reassuring and there is always plenty of time for "what is going on in everyone's life with the baby" (and therefore real time advice) next to the main topics.



    We were at the Louvre today. I finally realised that the only time I can go a bit crazy is when Raphaël is at nursery and I am alone with Francesco. With his one year of age, he still fits into the baby carrier, we can take the metro and explore. What a wonderful companion he is!…


    I am so excited to introduce babybrains’ new column: Scientist’s Word! Contributions from scientists all over the world are raining in… and they are oh so inspiring!! As a pre-taste, check out what Sam Cheadle, PhD, had to say about magic!! After becoming a parent I learnt that in order to survive I must also…


    That’s what being a developmental scientist has taught Rachel Wu! Have a read at her delightful article

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    Economist Keith Chen starts today’s talk with an observation: to say, “This is my uncle,” in Chinese, you have no choice but to encode more information about said uncle. The language requires that you denote the side the uncle is on, whether he’s related by marriage or birth and, if it’s your father’s brother, whether…


    A new fascinating contribution to babybrains columns SCIENTIST’S WORD. What does it mean when your child is diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder? Does it mean that one bit of his brain is not working? Is it useful at all to label children with their disorders? Dr. Leonard addresses these issues…. Here is an abstract of what…

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