Babybrains® APP

Babybrains® APP

Welcome to the webpage entirely dedicated to the Babybrains® app and handbook. 

The  Babybrains® app and handbook have been designed by Silvia to make your parenting more effective and fun.  These tools will empower you to learn what no parent should ignore about brain development, and they will practically help you implement the L-O-V-E approach (Learn through Observation Validate through Experience, more info here) in your interactions with your baby. Please get in touch if you wish to receive an exclusive copy of the app before the official launch!

About the app and handbook

Every week you are presented with one activity, adorably illustrated by Fumi Yamamoto, that will help you observe your baby for exactly the unique little person she already is. Far from average tables and pre-set milestones, the activities will empower you to see what she can actually do. In addition, you will be accompanied and encouraged while figuring out how to integrate this in your interactions with your little one.

There are four types of activities, based on four major area of cognition and brain development:

  • Discover Motor Development
  • Reveal Perception
  • Explore Social Interactions
  • Unlock Language

On top of these activities, there is one little story to read out loud to your baby for each trimester. This is designed to help you relax and enjoy the marvellous adventure of growing up together.

Please get in touch if you are interested in receiving the app or the handbook.


Here you will find all the material you need to carry out all activities in the best possible way. Just click on the relevant week and download your props. Enjoy!

L-O-V-E week 4

L-O-V-E week 8

L-O-V-E week 16

L-O-V-E week 25

L-O-V-E week 29

L-O-V-E week 32

L-O-V-E week 49


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