About Babybrains®

About Babybrains®

Empowered Parenting

Designed by a PhD Neuroscientist, Babybrains® is a programme for parental education that aims at empowering parents by giving them the tools to be more effective and fulfilled in the relationship with their children. This makes for empowered children, who will turn into more balanced, happier and more successful adults.

Babybrains® has been designed as a bridge between the trustworthy and quiet neuroscience labs and the probably messier and definitely louder homes, where the scientific insights can be put to good use. The building blocks of this bridge are Science and Fun.

At Babybrains®  we don’t use averages, we do not teach you how to quickly trouble-shoot your child and we do not promise to get you your old life back. Instead, we teach you new ways of observing your child and reading her signs, we encourage you to adopt a problem-solving attitude, and we help you make your life – the life you have now, with your marvellous unique child in it – a fantastic, beautiful fulfilling adventure.

We believe that knowing about your baby’s needs will empower you to better assess your gut feelings and your immediate responses: you will be able to tell whether what you feel is an instinct that motivates to do something effortful but very valuable, or if it is the sterile fruit of frustration and sleep-deprivation. Once you are aware of that, you can consciously make up your mind on how to behave.

This does by no means mean that you forget or suppress your own needs. You do need to sleep, to take showers, to engage with the rest of society as your own person; you possibly need or desire to get back to work, to read a book, to get your hair cut. This is all legitimate, but doing it in spite of your child’s needs will not bring any long-lasting satisfaction to anybody, and might instead create tougher problems to solve.

On the contrary, if you know and appreciate your child’s needs for what they truly are and try to consciously integrate them with yours and every other family member’s, the initial investment will have longer-lasting results and will feel more fulfilling and pleasurable for all involved. This approach will empower you to make your own informed decisions in the context that nobody knows better than you: your family.

Babybrains® offers you a direct bridge from the neuroscience labs into your home, but you are the only one who can find your unique way of empowered parenting. We call it the L-O-V-E approach and it easy and natural to put into practice: all you need to do is learn the science and enjoy the fun. Our app helps you do just that.


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