Courses for Parents

Courses for Parents

Babybrains® is a unique programme for parental education on infant cognitive development.

It gives parents the support they need all the way from conception to the fourth year of their child.

Babybrains® mission is to empower parents with the latest scientific knowledge, so that they can interact with their children in the most effective way, improving the quality of development and of the parent-child relationship. This poses the basis for raising fulfilled and successful young persons.




Fulfilled and successful children.

Fulfilled and successful parents.

A better society.



Quality: 100% science

Accessibility: 100% jargon free

Practicality: 100% usable knowledge



1) Babybrains™ CLUB

Where you can ask your parenting questions (can be inspired by the bb programme – see below) and get scientific answers from a PhD neuroscientist and mum of 3.

Kids are welcome.

Participants change week by week.

£72 for 6 sessions (£12/session) or £17 for drop ins.

Thursday 10:30-11:30

West Hampstead (get in touch for more details).

2) Babybrains™ COURSE

Where you get six unique fun and interactive lectures with slide support (full bb programme – see below).

Group of participants commit at the beginning of course and is constant.

Kids are welcome.

£150 for the whole course.

Flexible time and location. Get in touch for more info.

3) Babybrains™ CONSULTATIONS

Where you address specific issues (sleep, tantrum, healthy eating habits, bilingualism, separation anxiety…) that are challenging your family. More information on the consultations page.


Time and location chosen by you.


Get in touch to find out more or 07437910954


Babybrains™ CURRICULUM

  1. How do I give my child good habits? A workshop on memory.
  2. Is my baby manipulating me? A workshop on Theory of Mind.
  3. How do I deal with separation anxiety? A workshop on object permanence.
  4. How do I best raise a multilingual child? A workshop on bilingualism.
  5. How do I boost my child independence? A workshop on attachment.
  6. How do I discipline my child? A workshop on motivation.


Get in touch to find out more or 07437910954

With Babybrains ™ you will learn…

The babybrains course stands out from other classes because we do not prescribe a parenting style – instead we offer you the scientific explanation as to what is going on in your children’s heads to help you unlock their full potential while gaining confidence and reflecting on your own personal parenting style.

  • learn more about how your child’s brain develop. This will transform the way you look at her and take your interactions to a whole new level
  • enable you to provide the best environment for your child’s development
  • rediscover the fun of parenting
  • build a repertoire of parenting experiences and techniques
  • meet other parents or carers and babies

the learning will stay with you

We don’t expect you to take lots of notes. Instead our course does all the hard work for you by offering:

  • fun and interactive workshops with plenty of games based on real scientific experiments
  • the chance to learn while having fun and experiencing topics “on your skin” – learning will automatically be “stored” as an experience rather than abstract knowledge that has to effortfully be recalled
  • children participation in the games as part of the learning and bonding process
  • 45 minutes sessions – carefully designed by a memory expert to maximise learning potential – include playful moments, discussions, and intake of new scientific information


What past participants have said…

“It was really enjoyable, lots of food for thought. What also makes it different, is that mums can come along and use their brains too. Not that there is anything wrong with ‘wheels on the bus…’ but it make such a change to actually go a a mum and baby group and feel that you have learned something new.”


 Sign up now by calling 07437910954 or emailing


  1. Alison Moore  - 11 November 2015 - 8:48 pm
    Reply /

    Hi Sylvia, I’d love to do a course…. But live in the north west…., assume you only do courses down south?

    So, if there’s nothing up here could I have an email consultation?

    I have Edward (Teddy) who us 16weeks old 🙂

    Best Regards

    • Silvia DALVIT MÉNABÉ
      Silvia DALVIT MÉNABÉ  - 18 November 2015 - 10:44 pm
      Reply /

      Hi Alison,
      Yes I am afraid I am active only London at the moment (have a 10-months old myself), but I am happy to Skype. Please get in touch via email ( so that we can agree on a date.
      Looking forward to virtually meeting you and Teddy 🙂

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