Sep 26, 2014 by Sam C

The idea for baby brains is genius. I wish I had had it myself. All new parents should do their child a favour and go on this course!

Great insight

Sep 10, 2014 by Latifa Ouertani

I found the babybrains sessions a very good insight of how a baby’s brain develops which helped me in turn gain a better understanding of how to communicate with my baby. The classes were very relaxed and it was a good way of meeting other new parents. The sessions were practical which made them more interesting and relevant. I would highly recommend this course to any newbie mummies out there. Keep up the good work Silvia!

Finally explains what's going on in your & your baby's head

Sep 09, 2014 by Karen Schultheiss

With Baby Brains Silvia succeeds to finally explain what's going on in both you and your baby's head. Through every day examples and up to date topics she shows why babies behave like they do. Now thankfully, I don't worry that my trilingual 2 year old doesn't speak yet. And I managed to let the oldest son feel privileged and not jealous of his twin younger brothers, by giving him special tasks and daily one on one time! Can highly recommend to come and bring your baby to Silvia early (even 10 days old are welcome) and profit most of it. Would like to remain interactive in discussions even after the course. Because these give a lot of food for thoughts even later on in your baby's life.

Interesting insights

Sep 09, 2014 by Rae

The Babybrains sessions are not only educative from a scientific point of view but very useful and applicable in every day parenting. They provide interesting insights to the day-to-day decisions we make as parents and the forum to discuss and share with other parents is awesome.

Sep 05, 2014 by Seb

Pour enfin comprendre, choisir et construire son propre environnement d'éducation et d'éveil en dehors des dogmes et habitudes culturelles.
Pour communiquer avec mon fils en connaissant mieux ses limites et capacités sans faire 10 ans d'études en neuroscience, et donc avoir d'avantage confiance en lui et en nous. B A B Y B R A I N S ! (Devrait être obligatoire en maternité 🙂 )

Baby Brains , USA 5.0 5.0 21 21 It is so easy to make the wrong call when our little ones are upset because one can't think straight... This course has helped me lots, to avoid silly mistakes by just having clear

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  1. Yummy Mummy  - 28 August 2014 - 7:07 pm
    Reply /

    FANTASTIC! Babybrains workshops were great for me and for my baby. I feel they gave me tools to understand all the parenting advise (and nonsense) that we are constantly bombarded with. Could not reccomand it more!

  2. silvia  - 28 August 2014 - 7:31 pm
    Reply /

    I loved the 1-1 consultations: they really helped me shift my point of view and find practical solutions!I feel they made mea better parent!”

  3. Evelyne Mercure  - 4 September 2014 - 2:07 pm
    Reply /

    Silvia has created a beautiful website that explains complex and interesting topics in a sensible and very accessible way. As a researcher in infant cognitive neuroscience, I am truly impressed with her communication skills. Well done Silvia and keep the articles coming!

  4. Paulina  - 26 April 2016 - 2:13 pm
    Reply /

    Babybrains is one of the best ideas for moms, it should be mandatory! It’s true that no one has all the answers when it comes to parenting but the same way we get educated for any job, we should learn as much as we can from our babies’ development in order to take informed decisions. Silvia offers Her knowledge as a professional and as a mom, you can’t really find that anywhere else! I loved taking the course and love knowing that I have her support during this challenging stage of life.

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